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Bathing & Grooming 

Grooming is an essential part of a dogs life, and whether you maintain them yourselves or you require the help of a professional, we believe it should be as stress free and relaxing as possible. 

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Bathing & Grooming

____ Our Ethos ____


Bathing & Grooming don't always appear as necessary to our dogs as it does to us. They would quite happily strut around, care free and whiffing of the fox poo they rolled in days ago. We as humans, have slightly higher standards! And the occasional bath & groom not only stays on top of their general hygiene but for some breeds can be a requirement to meet their welfare needs. We're here to provide not just high quality cuts to the standard you ask, but we treat each dog as an individual and work to their pace. Coupled with 100% natural products, we make each visit to the parlour slightly less stressful each time. Welfare will always prioritize speed although if a dog is comfortable with the process, we won't dilly dally!  

____ Our Skills ____

We have have years of experience within the industry with our head groomer, Jade, completing all the necessary courses and exams to become a fully fledged Stylist. She has worked in both a busy salon & our tailor made parlour so she brings a lot of experience to each groom. Both Jade and Ryan spent months planning out the perfect layout to complete the best grooms in the most calming environment. This was back in early 2019 and 3 months later The Parlour was built! Turning the old grooming room into a bathing room, adding 150% more floor space and ultimately a smoother experience for everyone and every dog.

____ Our Services ____
Bathing and grooming aren't the easiest services to give accurate prices for. This is especially true with cross breeds, nervous dogs and dogs with particularly knotty (matted) coats. We have a price list which is based purely on a dog of typical size in relation to it's breed, calm temperament and a well kept coat. We reserve the right to charge for grooms that take any longer than normal for any of the reasons stated.
Our Puppy Packages are perfect for introducing your new family member to grooming. Our package welcomes them with three mini-grooms where they will be slowly introduced to each aspect of the grooming process. 
  • De-shed Mudbath
  • Conditioning Mudbath
  • Facial
  • Paw & Nose Balm
  • Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning
 And many more!
____ Availability ____
We currently open 3 days per week (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) with the earliest appointment at 9:30am. We do ask that you book via our booking system for a few reasons. It's fast and easy once you've created an account, you can read our T's & C's in your own time and sign them digitally, you can see all of our availability at the click of a few buttons & you can use the system to see all of our other services. By all means give us a call if you'd prefer talking to someone!

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