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The 5 freedoms are a set of standards that we, as animal owners and carers, must understand to ensure the welfare of the animals are provided.These standards are internationally-recognised and are not just about the things that we want to do for our animals, but also things we must do in order to be a responsible owners.

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst (food and water)

'All animals deserve access to clean water and a well-balanced, nutritious diet. Freedom from hunger and thirst provides for animals most basic needs by allowing that animal to remain in good health and full of vitality.'

We provide all our guests with constant fresh water.

We also take nutrition very seriously, so much so we have a food and health shop where we stock only natural and high quality products.


2. Freedom from discomfort (shelter)

'All animals should live in an appropriate environment. The conditions and surroundings given to an animal contribute to its overall well-being. By providing an animal with shelter and a comfortable resting area, you are ensuring that the animal remains healthy and happy.'

All of our facilities are tailored to be the warmest, spacious and most comfortable that they can be. The government granted Stablecroft a 5 star licence for both our day care and home boarding facilities.

3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease (medical care)

'All animals should be entitled to immediate veterinary attention when sick or injured to avoid unnecessary suffering. In certain cases, unnecessary pain and injury can be prevented through regular visits to a vet.'

We have strict operating procedures, health and safety policies, in depth inductions for new staff & clear emergency plans set out for those unlikely scenarios. We are also aligned with 2 veterinary practices for guaranteed support if needed.


4. Freedom to express normal behaviour (exercise)

'All animals should be allowed to express normal behaviours. A normal behaviour is the way an animal acts in its natural environment. Enough space, proper shelter and housing as well as adequate exercise, opportunity to play and the company of the animal's own kind encourages the expression of normal behaviours.'

We have large secure grassy paddocks for carefully selected groups of dogs to roam, sniff, play or rest together. Indoor space is used for rest only, meaning the majority of their day is spent in the most natural environment. 

5. Freedom from fear and distress (love and understanding)

'All animals deserve to be happy. Ensuring conditions that avoid unnecessary anxiety and stress will help to provide freedom from mental suffering. While favorable physical conditions are essential, appropriate mental conditions are also important to good animal welfare.'

We take time to educate our already knowledgeable staff on the importance of each dog's individuality and specific needs. We ensure these needs are met every day through careful planning and of course, with love, understanding and respect.

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