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Day Care Technician

1 Position Available

An amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in our day care environment. You will be responsible for keeping the place safe, secure and ensuring all of our dog's needs are met daily.

Grooming Stylist

1 Position Available

Preparing, health checking, bathing and grooming a wide variety of breeds in our unique environment. We use a no force method as dog welfare is of upmost importance.

Dog Trainer

1 Position Available

Aid in planning and delivering training whether puppy classes, 1 to 1 sessions on special work with our day care/boarding guests. 

As a trainer you gain use of our unique training space and all the resources it contains.

If you think you could fill one of these roles please send a CV & cover letter to 
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Licence #AB0005 - Licenced unde the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 - Wokingham Borough Council.