Our New Shop! And How It Came To Be.

In 2018 Ryan welcomed a pesky little border collie puppy into his life named Ivar, something he'd dreamed of doing for years. He had done all the typical trips to the local pet shops to ensure he was properly prepared. He had bought a bag of dry puppy food and ticked it off the long list of puppy essentials and gave it no more thought.

Ivar liked the food, why wouldn't he? But a few short months later he had begun frequently itching all over. So badly at times that Ryan took him to the vets. He switched brands a few times, changing the meat content %, grain content, veg, texture.. everything! 

He then began researching nutrition a little deeper, and it became very apparent that just like us humans, diet has a huge effect on how dog's feel, think, behave & develop. He looked into many types of diets but his attention was always drawn to raw given the huge benefits that raw feeders spoke of but also how many people dismissed it as a fad. Being open minded and wanting nothing but the best for Ivar, Ryan transitioned him.. which wasn't too hard as he'll demolish almost anything you put in front of him. 

A day later he noticed Ivar was drinking less water, pooing far less and what he was dropping was smaller and firmer so far less miserable to bag and dispose of. 

A week later Ivar was slightly more energetic throughout the day. He was more alert and his energy levels fluctuated far less. 

And finally, 2 weeks after he switched he had stopped itching! That was 2 years ago.. and since then we've heard much of the same from clients feeding raw whilst using our day care and grooming services and how their dog's have changed so much since they discovered a biologically appropriate diet. We decided then to commit a small indoor space to an efficient shop in which people can collect food orders so they too can feed their dogs a diet that works for their dogs. It was simple and small but it worked. Ivar now takes the important role of taste tester for all new products (and occasional quality control if he ever sneaks into the shop!).

Then Covid-19 struck, almost destroying our day care and grooming services. Fortunately they are on the mend but our shop was and is essential so a lot of focus went into growing it. Ryan loves wood work and where possible will make things for the day care. He's also a tight arse, so when the idea of expanding the shop into our main indoor space came to him, he immediately went out to scavenge old furniture and pallets to use. 2 pallets, 200 lengths of reclaimed cargo plane timber, 2000+ screws and many weeks later and the shop is done and one of a kind. 










The brands we've reached out to and now stock are truly brilliant. Being day care managers, dog trainers and groomers we have a hands on knowledge of what works and what works well and this is reflected in the quality of the products we promote. We are new and still learning retail but aim to run the most unique and tailored place for dogs and their owners looking for the best possible nutrition, supplements, training equipment, toys and treats all in one place. And we have no intentions of stocking products that we feel veer from this. 

We hope you like our shop and we'll see you soon!