Summer Newsletter

Our initial mission when Stablecroft began in 2013, was to provide the best and most enriching care for dogs that we possibly can. Our service will always continue to evolve but we're really happy with how far we've come trying to achieve this. Those who've followed the journey will know how minimal Stablecroft was back in 2013 and just how young Ryan was!


Jump to the summer of 2019, 6 years on and here are some of our recent changes:


  • Some of you may have already seen we've re-branded a little and remade our website! It's been a long time coming and is finally easier to navigate and contains more up to date content. Our colour is now blue as it represents calm and balance which is what we want each dog to feel when they come to Stablecroft.


  • Our new website is coupled with a brand new online booking system. You can find the login on our bookings page. We had a crack at this method over a year ago and the transition period put us off. Since then, new systems have emerged and we feel we've picked on that will save us valuable time which can be focused on what's important.. the dogs! 


The key benefits are the online agreements which save us all so much paper, you can create a customer portal for your dog where we can post pictures/videos of your dog privately and we feel it makes booking with us very smooth. We do expect some teething issues so bare with us!


  • We have a groomer joining us next month!! 
    Jade is young and very passionate with a deep love and compassion for dogs. She matches our ethos perfectly and we cannot wait for her to properly begin.
    She's got experience and has groomed a few dogs here already to prove she's got what it takes (and she does!). She'll be with us Wednesday & Sundays with all of her appointments available on our online booking system.

  • Some of you may have already seen we've converted one half of the bungalow by pulling the carpets out, clearing all the furniture and laying a blue resin floor to create a perfect indoor space for day care, a space for hosting workshops and ultimately it's going to be our training space. Training and behavioural work is something we're very excited to be providing very soon. 


  • Stablecroft will be hosting our very first charity fund raising event held @ Stablecroft. We aim to put on fun competitions for all the family, informational talks from dog experts, food, drink, trade stalls & music.. oh and dogs are more than welcome too! Find more info on the FB event page:  

  • In a few weeks Ryan will be launching his podcast 'The Doggystyle Podcast', something he's been working on for 7 months and so far has 10 episodes recorded. Ryan's aim is to speak with the experts in the doggy world, hear their story and find out what they know before sharing it with the world. This was sparked by Ivar, the rescue Collie in the photo above. Ryan want to learn from the best and by sharing his findings, he hopes to promote more responsible ownership. You can find the podcast on all platforms or on the website:


  • With the opening of the training space we've decided to start running workshops to engage with the community and help spread quality information. We thought a great start would be Dog First Aid! We're getting an amazing team into Stablecroft to give this workshop and all those who attend will receive a dog 1st aid certificate. More info and the ability to book will be on our website very soon! 

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