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Why Feed Raw?

Raw feeding is vital for dogs, cats and ferrets because it is their natural diet. It’s what they would eat in the wild. What other animal on planet earth gets a sensitive stomach, has food allergies, skin infections, ear infections, kidney and liver disease, poor dental health, etc from eating its natural diet? None… we hear you say!

How we help our clients to understand the importance of feeding raw is by simply sticking to the facts. The facts about why it makes sense to feed raw to our pets. Take a look at our selection below:

The Biology

Evolution has provided dogs, cats and ferrets with incredibly strong and powerful jaws, equipped with teeth that are designed to rip, crush and tear bones and chunks of meat. They’re not designed to eat biscuits. 

A toy dog can produce 200 pounds of pressure per square inch of their mouth, a mastiff can produce 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch. Some breeds have jaw muscles that are 1 inch thick.

Health Benefits

Better dental health (especially on the BARF diet), far healthier coat, clearer eyes with less 'gunk' and cleaner ears are just some of the health benefits.  

On raw food dogs will drink far less water, putting less pressure on their liver and kidneys. We’re always amazed when we look after dogs that are fed biscuit about how much water they drink. No wonder so many dogs suffer with kidney and liver problems later in life.


Dogs don’t produce serotonin naturally like we do, so they have to get it from their food. With processed foods dogs just don’t get the serotonin that they need. Serotonin boosts contentment and focus in dogs, so when fed raw they get everything they need to become calm and balanced.

When on BARF dogs produce more endorphins due to the mechanical action of chewing. When dogs chew, they release dopamine - so if your dog is stressed, anxious or aggressive giving them whole bones and carcasses to chew down sends them into a state of calmness. The reason why stressed dogs chew things their owners go out is because the chewing calms them down. They’re essentially self-medicating.


We're excited to welcome you to our raw food shop, located in Winnersh, Reading, supplying raw food for your furry friends, as well as natural dried treats. Inspired from Ryan's experience as a Dog Trainer, who has helped train and care for hundreds of dogs with behaviour and health problems. Ryan has seen first hand how diet really does play such a huge part in the behaviour of our four legged friends.


As well as raw food, we also stock equipment that benefits your dogs behaviour & training, such as lead and collars. 

With allocated parking, why not come in and talk to Ryan & the team to find out more about how you can improve your dogs diet, or how to transform your dogs behaviour through simple techniques. 


We would love to see you! 

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