Prevention or Cure?

If you have a dog you want to ensure you’re caring for him in the best way. So, should you feed your pet branded food or a raw diet?

Every dog owner wants their canine companion to live an active, happy and healthy life. One of the most important things you can do to achieve this goal is feed your pet a nutritious, well-balanced diet. At one time, branded pet food was the most common option for pet owners, but these days, more people are recognising the benefits of a raw food diet. So, which food is the right choice for your furry friend? Here, we take a look at the raw food diet and why it could be the best option for your dog.

What Is A Raw Food Diet For Dogs?

The raw diet for dogs consists typically of:

· Muscle meat

· Organ meats

· Ground or whole raw bones

· Dog-safe vegetables and fruit

· Raw eggs

· Dairy foods like yoghurt

The benefits of a raw food diet include:

· A shinier coat

· Healthier skin

· Better dental health

· Smaller stools

· Increased energy

Of course there are also a few downsides to this way of feeding your pet. These include:

· More time-consuming

· More care needs to be taken when handling, preparing and sanitising raw foods

· May be more expensive

What About Branded Dog Foods?

Different brands of dog food have different ingredients, however, all must be balanced and must meet your dog’s nutritional requirements. The calories, nutritional value, and content of all commercial pet foods must comply with legal regulations.

The ingredients that must be in branded dog foods include:

· Sources of protein such as eggs, fish, poultry and meat

· Cereals and grains

· Antioxidants, minerals and vitamins

Those who prefer branded dog foods claim the benefits are:

· Less dental plaque

· Less chance of bacterial contamination

· Healthier gums

· Less spoilage risk

· Easier to store

· Cost-effective

Of course, not all branded dog foods are created equal. You should always check the ingredients in your preferred dog food brand. Remember, the first listed ingredient is the biggest component of the food, so make sure a protein is always listed first, not a grain.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Although some dog owners choose to exclusively give their pet branded commercial foods and others choose to only give their pet a raw food diet, there are now options that tick both boxes. You can now buy raw food commercially prepared meals that offer all of the convenience of a packaged dog food and all of the benefits of giving your pet the raw diet that their body and digestive system is naturally designed to process.

If you choose the right well-balanced diet for your pet, you will find that your furry companion stays in the best possible health in the long-term. So, make sure that, whatever type of food you choose to give your dog, you select high-quality meals that will supply your beloved four-legged companion with all of the essential nutrients that he needs for optimal wellness.

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