How to DIY A Raw Diet For Your Dog

Are you considering feeding your dog on a raw diet? Here, we take a look at how your can make your own DIY raw diet for your four-legged friend.

More people these days are considering switching their pet to a raw diet rather than giving them branded commercial pet foods. However, it can be intimidating to get started with a DIY raw diet. What foods can you give your dog, and how do you prepare them properly? Here, we take a look at how you can make your own raw foods for your furry companion so that he can enjoy all of the benefits that this way of feeding can bring.

Is A DIY Raw Diet Right For My Pet?

There are a few questions that you need to answer before you can determine whether a DIY raw diet is right for your dog:

· Does your pet have any food intolerances?

· Are you willing to look for bargains?

· Do you have sufficient space in your fridge and freezer?

· Do you have sufficient time to prepare meals for your pet?

The answers to these questions will help you to determine whether making raw food for your pet’s meals is the right choice for you.

Can I DIY On A Strict Budget?

Some people think that a raw food diet prepared from scratch for their pet will be extremely expensive however, this isn’t necessarily the case. You will, though, need to take the time to do some bargain hunting.

You can cut your costs dramatically by checking out the foods in the supermarket reduced aisle. This is where you may find some amazing reductions on sources of protein. Fish, poultry, meat and organ meat are often reduced to low prices and can be incorporated into your pet’s meals. You just need to get creative and make menus that will give your pet the variety and flavours that he loves.

What Do I Need To Add To My Dog’s Food?

When you’re DIYing a raw food diet for your dog, the ratio you need to remember is 5:1:1:1. This is 5 parts of fresh muscle meat to 1 part bone, 1 part organ meat and 1 part vegetables. A good example of what to include is:

· Meat on the bone – chicken, beef, pork, duck or turkey

· Liver, heart, spleen or kidney

· Dog-safe vegetables like leafy greens, carrots, peas and beans (avoid high carbohydrate vegetables)

· Skin-on sweet potato, couscous or soaked porridge oats are also good fillers

What Items Do I Need To Prepare My Own Dog Food?

When preparing your own dog food you will need:

· A large tub in which to mix the ingredients

· Rubber gloves

· Meat ingredients

· Freezer bags or boxes

· Antibacterial wipes

· Space and time for preparation

A simple recipe for raw dog food is as follows:

· 10kg minced or chopped meat

· 2kg organ meat

· 2kg par-cooked vegetables

· 3-6 raw whole eggs

· 3 tablespoons of cod liver oil

· Porridge oats

Put the ingredients into the tub and mix it well with your gloved hand. Separate into portions and freeze before wiping down the surfaces with antibacterial wipes.

Preparing your own raw food for your pet will save you money and will help to reassure you that you’re giving your dog the very best for his health and well-being. Once you get used to the DIY method, you’re sure to find that it’s just as easy as using branded commercial dog food and your pet will reap the benefits.

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