Bones! Why They're Important?

Not only is it safe to give your dog raw bones, they’re actually important for your pet’s well-being. Here we look at some reasons why..

There are some misconceptions about whether or not it’s safe to feed dogs bones. Yet, you can rest assured that, as long as bones are raw, they offer mental, physical and nutritional benefits to your pet. For centuries, raw bones have been vital to the well-being of dogs since they provide essential nutrients, help distract from negative behaviours, and clean teeth efficiently. Natural and digestible, ra

w bones form a key element of any dog’s daily diet, offering wellness and health benefits that are unique. So, how can bones help your pet?

Cleaning Your Pet’s Teeth

Many dog owners prefer not to use a toothbrush to clean their pet’s teeth since it can be challenging to use one. However, it’s still vital to get the tartar off your pet’s molars as otherwise it will cause cavities,

gingivitis, and bad breath, and this can help up resulting in costly extractions and teeth scaling that will need to be carried out by your vet. If your pet chews raw bones, though, the saliva enzymes are stimulated. Just 15 minutes of chomping on a bone will help in removing trapped particles of food from your dog’s teeth.

Supplying Nutrients And Minerals

Raw bones are an excellent source of nutrients and minerals. Bones are made up of a mineral called calcium phosphate which helps to boost growth, and therefore, raw bones, help your dog’s skeletal system adapt and regenerate. The calcium found in a raw bone is four times more digestible than calcium supplements, and this makes raw bones a great choice, especially for larger breed puppies who grow rapidly and could benefit from the additional boost of calcium phosphate


Reducing Unwanted Chewing

Some dogs excessively scratch and lick themselves but raw bones help to divert their attention from destructive behaviours..


Some dogs become obsessed by food and need some distraction when it’s your turn to eat. If you wish to enjoy eating in peace without your furry friend pestering you for snacks, chewing a raw bone will help to satiate his appetite and keep him busy.

Minimising Stomach Problems

Raw bones can help keep your pet’s digestive system functioning correctly. Bones cleanse and scour the digestive tract and supply additional roughage to keep your pet’s bowel habits regular and his anal glands stimulated to empty.

A Natural Habit

Dogs naturally chew, so giving them a good-quality raw bone to chew on is a good way to nurture their nature rather than giving them plastic toys without any nutritional value to chew on instead. Dogs enjoy the mental stimulation and delicious taste that bones supply and the chewing works their jaw muscles effectively.

How To Feed Your Dog Raw Bones

There are two ways of feeding raw bones to your dog:

· Grind up the raw bones and add them to your pet’s food. This works well with hollow, soft bones such as poultry necks or wings.

· Give your pet a large bone to chew on. A cow femur bone is a great choice since it is full of marrow.

Make sure you always supervise your pet when he is chewing a bone, though, to ensure no pieces splinter off. Also, remember to change your pet’s bones regularly so bacteria doesn’t build up that could make your dog sick. Follow these simple steps and your furry friend will benefit greatly from raw bones added to his diet.

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