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We became gradually interested in nutrition as we began to see patterns in the dogs we've worked with over the last 7 years. We began noticing that those dogs on a more natural and less processed diet not only behaved better, they arrived to day care much calmer and generally stayed calmer throughout the day. Another observation was their poo was a lot smaller and firmer, all massive pro's for someone caring for lots of dogs at a time! 


This coincided with Ryan rescuing his Border Collie Ivar, so he naturally he wanted to know what would be best to feed the little land shark he'd brought into his home. Ryan tried a 'high quality' dry food at first but made the switch to the raw diet around 9 months after a lot of research and has never looked back. The changes were so dramatic that he swapped his family's dogs, extended family's dogs and saw the same results. One thing led to another and The Stablecroft Pantry was created. A one stop shop for all things natural and holistic. Fingers crossed, one day most dogs will be on a biologically appropriate diet where they can not just survive as they have been doing for decades, but instead THRIVE!

The Pantry was initially visioned to be a physical shop in which the public could come and see our different products and discuss their dogs diet in person. However with Covid-19 erupting and smashing that idea to pieces, we were pushed online (not a terrible thing in hindsight) and opened up a delivery service, later followed by a click and collect point. This will be the way things remain for now. We are still able to fulfill The Pantry's aims of improving as many dog's diets as possible whilst offering a solid variety of products at fair prices.

We could post pages and pages of the benefits of a more natural diet but instead we'll give a brief explanation of the raw diet followed by a video link to a very revered vet named Dr.Becker. Take a little time to learn about your dogs different nutrition options (they don't vary in price like you might think!).

The Raw Food Diet


The drive of this approach is towards a wild-type diet. The dog has evolved over thousands of years to eat certain raw foods. These foods then, logically, must be best suited to optimal health. There is an argument that dogs in different geographical areas of the world will have evolved to eat variations on this basic wild diet.

I think this is probably the case, but the degree that this affects the dog is minimal compared to the quantum shift from commercial to raw food.

The Canid in the wild is essentially a hunter/scavenger. It will be eating a very varied diet based mainly on hunted and scavenged ruminant and small mammal carcases, scavenge fruit, berries nuts and roots etc. When they eat a carcase, they start with the viscera, including the gut content (liquidised raw grass, cereal and vegetable matter), then move onto muscle and other tissues. They are finally left with bones on which to chew.




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