Our Grooming Parlour.

Our fully trained stylists provide a tip top service when grooming a dog to your requirements whilst ensuring your pooch is as comfortable as possible.

Our  Grooming Parlour operates out of one of our converted stables with all of the facilities to complete grooms of all types. 

We use patience and compassion when bathing and grooming so your dog feels the least amount of stress possible.

We do not use force or medication to complete and groom. All Prices are based on breed, temperament & coat condition.

We currently offer:

  • Full Grooms (including nails)  Price based on breed & coat condition.

  • Bath, Brush &  Blow Dry from £20.

  • A Range of Additional Treatments.

  • Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Treatment.

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Greenacres Lane, Reading
07710 593112 - 0118 978 0229
Licence #AB0005 - Licenced unde the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 - Wokingham Borough Council.