Carefully Tailored Day Care Done Right.

So What Do We Do?

What is considered doggy day care to some owners will differ drastically, but we aim to be the very best in Berkshire when it comes our tailor made environment, our daily enrichment, our cleanliness and our policies & procedures to keep your dogs comfortable, safe and secure with us. 

If you're at the 'looking around' stage then take a quick look at our'Key Things to Consider When Choosing a Suitable Day Care' advice sheet here

Enriched Walks + Social Time.

We believe people's perceptions of a 'good dog walk' are dictated by just how tired your dog is when they arrive home. We agree that Yes, a dog should be tired by the end, but has the walk really benefited your dog in the long run? (no pun intended!)

A dog walk should be both structured & fun-filled, relaxing & enjoyable, all whilst the dogs are receiving some form of training with plenty of opportunity to have a good sniff!

We do this by working with no more than 4 dogs per person at one time, by migrating (walking) as a pack in our adjacent field. The field is clean and well kept, littered with the smells of animals from the night before and most importantly.. it's open so we can see any other unknown dogs a mile away. 

We cap each walk off with at least 30 minutes in one of our secure paddocks. This ideal for those dogs not allowed off the lead to stretch their legs properly. It's then time that we do some simple nose work, an activity proven to lower a dog's heart rate and exercise their brain too so they're in a far calmer mental state before we place them in a rest space.

Good quality day care is something we believe every dog be allowed to enjoy.

At Stablecroft all of our guests can make full use of our day care facilities before making their way up to the bungalow where they spend the evening. 

We know the opinions on 'old school' style kennels are changing with owners wanting their dogs to be more comfortable in a 'home from home'.


This has been our ethos since our opening in 2013, Looking after our guests as if they were our own. For this reason we have very limited numbers to ensure our boarders are given the space they need.  

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Day Care.

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